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and values

Kiowatt is the result of a partnership between LuxEnergie S.A. and Groupe François, with the following values:


A short response time, local raw materials, renewables and top quality.


We give full importance to the "three fundamental lines" where long-term economic development must be balanced between the need to respect the environment and the interests of society as a whole (principle of sustainable development).


Research continues for the best economic and environmental performance.

Our commitment to the environment

At Kiowatt, protecting the environment requires a significant reduction in CO2 and a decrease in primary energy consumption. This is possible through maximum utilisation of heat waste during the process by the succession of several heat consumers (pellet production, absorption refrigerating machines and remote heat networks) with complementary characteristic requirements.

Kiowatt therefore continues to maximise raw "wood" material as well as waste wood and fresh wood. The Kiowatt project alone will achieve about 5% of the total amount envisaged to be achieved in the national territory in terms of electricity generation, heating and refrigeration from renewable energies by 2020.

In addition, some 350,000 tonnes of CO2 will not be emitted over the same period, a contribution of 14.2% of the expected emissions reductions up to 2020 in accordance with European energy target plans for Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg Government supports the Kiowatt project through the resources provided by law for the support of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources.